Massive K&N Pod Filter, V8 14" x 3" Filter Assembly Kits, & Performance Panel Filter SALE - Huge Savings... up to $80 off RRP.


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Once a Year Ultra Racing Sale Is Now On!!!

Sway Bars and Chassis Bracing On Sale Now, Including Lower Braces, Side Lower Braces, Fender Braces & Room Bars.
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ATTENTION ALL RB25DET & RB26DETT Drivers/Drifters!!!

Exedy Japanese 4Puk HD Clutch Kit Special to suit Push Type RB25DET (9Bolt) & RB26DETT


Not often are these available in NZ but we have managed to get our hands on 2 of these special Exedy Clutch Kits, they’re the perfect kit for Entry Level to Semi Pro Drifters, Track and Drag Racing up to 500hp.


They run the Genuine Japanese HD Silver Cover, 4Puk Ceramic Button Plate and the kit includes the Release Bearing, Spigot Bearing & Alignment Tool.


RRP is $1099 + Freight BUT while Stocks Last we are offering this Awesome Kit $799 incl gst each & we’ll even throw in FREE FREIGHT!!!




Ecliptech LED Progressive Shift Light

The Ecliptech Shift-P2 is a sophisticated RPM engine gauge, designed to be used in your peripheral vision.

It has been engineered to give you a highly configurable gauge.

The Ecliptech Shift-P2 is simple and intuitive to setup with an interactive display.


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GFB Fuel Pressure Regulators FX-S 800HP + FX-R 1500HP

GFB Fuel pressure Reg FPR Tomei Turbsmart Aeroflow AEM NZ
GFB Fuel Pressure Regulators NZ

Fuel Pressure Regs 2017 NEW Release from GFB




From the 800Hp FX-S Street (Part # 8050) to the1500Hp FX-R Race version (Part # 8060), and whether you run pump petrol/gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol or Diesel, we have you covered no matter what your Fuel Pressure Regulator requirements are.


CLICK HERE to see more Info & Pricing

GFB 38mm & 44mm External Wastegates

GFB 38mm & 44mm V-Band Wastegates NZ
GFB 38mm & 44mm V-Band Wastegates NZ

GFB 38mm & 44mm V-Band Wastegates are now available and they are everything you've come to expect from one of the worlds most respected performance car parts manufacturers.... GFB.


Quality and Reliability are 2 of the most important aspects when it comes to performance car parts that are going to be put through pure hell and the NEW GFB EX38 & EX44  Wastegates were built tough to take the punishment of brutal exhaust temperatures and extreme race conditions.


A selection of spring rates are available to suit any set up from a mildly tuned street car, weekend track weapon or dedicated race machine. The GFB 38mm & 44mm V-Band Wastegate are going to quickly become as popular as their 50mm big brother has amongst many of NZ's & the Worlds leading motorsport teams.


CLICK HERE to see more Info & Pricing

Exhaust Flexi Joints- PRO Racing

Exhaust Flexi NZ Exhaust bellow, 2", 2.5", 3" 3.5"
Exhaust Flexi Joints NZ 2", 2.5", 3" & 3.5"

PRO Racing Exhaust Flexi Joints are the perfect solution for reducing the rigidness of your exhaust system by flexing with the engine under acceleration and high revving, they also reduce the chance of your exhaust manifold cracking. These new designed exhaust flexi pipes have a stainless braided outside with a double bellow middle and coil wound interlocking center.


CLICK HERE to see the Full Range and Sale Prices

VHT Spray Paint - FULL Range AVAILABLE


VHT Spray Paint Tauranga Bay of Plenty NZ
VHT Spray Paint Tauranga Bay of Plenty NZ

VHT Paint NZ Authorised Dealer


VHT Spray Paint Now Available through PRO Wholesale. If you're the classic Kiwi DIY'er and you're over paying too much for VHT products through the usual major chain outlets then now you can Buy VHT through us & save some of your hard earned cash. VHT is the BEST Paint in a Can available in NZ, from Brake Caliper Paint, Flameproof Paint for headers, exhausts etc, Roll Cage and Chassis Paints, Anodized Finish, Wrinkle Finish, Engine Enamels to Wheel Paints, Classic Quick Dry, Primers, Epoxy Paints, Lens Tinting Paints, Gasket Cement, Rust Converter... the list goes on

KRYLON Camo Spray Paint - 6 Colours - As used by the US Military

Krylon Camo Spray Paint NZ
Krylon Camo Spray Paint NZ

Camouflage Paint made with Fusion for Plastic® Technology

This ultra-flat paint is non-reflective to provide the ultimate camouflage.

  • Bonds to most plastics, PVC, hard vinyl, ceramic glass, wood, metal and wicker
  • No sanding, no priming; ultra-flat, non-reflective colors
  • Ideal for sporting and hunting equipment, decoys and more. Not for use on skin, hair or clothing
  • Fully chip resistant in 7 days


   Dry to touch:

  • 15 minutes or less
Dry to handle:
  • After 1 hour

   For use on:

  • Paper Mache, Ceramic, Plaster, Glass, Hard Vinyl, Plastic, Wrought Iron, Wicker, Metal, Wood, Paper



CLICK HERE for more Info, Prices & 4/6 Pack Combo Specials


Alloy Intercooler Pipe - Intercooler Tubing

Alloy Intercooler Piping - Aluminium Intercooler Tube
Intercooler Pipe - Aluminium Intercooler Tube
Quality Aluminium Intercooler Piping / Tube

PRO Racing Intercooler Pipe is quality mandrel bent piping with beaded flared ends to stop the silicone joiners coming off under boost pressure.

* High Quality Intercooler Tube
* Thickness 1.8mm & 2.0mm (2.5" & under are 1.8mm - 2.75" up are 2.0mm)
* Simple polish to allow ease of welding
* 600mm in Length
* Increase Air Flow Comparing with other Standard Piping
* Quality clamps available to suit our alloy intercooler pipe.
* Application: Universal
* Material: T-6061 Aluminium
* Universal Intercooler Piping available in Straights, 45 Degree, 90 Degree, 180 Degree & in 2", 2.25", 2.36", 2.5", 2.75", 3", 3.5", 4" OD Sizes


CLICK HERE for Info & Pricing








If you don't need the patented venting bias adjustment feature of the Respons or Deceptor Pro, the Mach 2 is the answer.

Using GFB’s TMS technology the Mach 2 can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears (more information below).
  • Recirculation model for direct factory replacement for performance without the noise 
  • Atmosphere venting kits to convert the recirculating valve if you want noise with your performance

GFB 50mm V-Band Blow off Valve

GFB SV50 Blow off Valve - 50mm VBand BOV - GFB NZ
GFB SV50 Blow off Valve - 50mm VBand BOV - GFB NZ

Introducing the GFB SV50 - The BIGGEST addition to our extensive range, designed specifically for drag racing and big horsepower engines.


The most important feature of this valve is its unique flow path, which has proven capable of flowing enough for engines pushing over 1200hp!


CLICK HERE for more Product info and current price

Head Gaskets - MLSR Multi Layer Steel

Head Gaskets @ NZ Best Prices
Head Gaskets @ NZ Best Prices

Head Gaskets - Multi Layer Steel


In the never ending pursuit for greater power output, engine builders add forced induction systems such as turbocharging, supercharging or nitrous injection; modify electronic induction system controls and install performance engine components.


The combined result of such modification; extreme combustion, induction and exhaust pressures.


To reliably seal such pressures requires an advanced gasket design.

The Permaseal MLS-R range of head gaskets has been developed to meet such rigorous requirements. Engineered, designed and manufactured in Japan to exacting tolerances Permaseal MLS-R head gaskets offer the performance engine builder the highest levels of uncompromising quality.


Permaseal MLS-R head gaskets incorporate state of the art multi layer design featuring a stopper layer for superior combustion sealing.


Complimenting the range of high performance cylinder head gaskets, Permaseal MLS-R also offers a range of multi layer turbo charger flange gaskets, turbo charger gasket kits, manifold gaskets and valve regrind gasket sets.  


CLICK HERE for more Info


Red Line Oil - 100% Synthetic Gear Oil


Red Line Gear Oil NZ Redline Performance Gear Oil NZ
Redline Synthetic Gear Oil NZ

Red Line Trans & Diff Synthetic Oil - NZ's Best


PRO Wholesale is a fully Authorised NZ reseller of Red Line 100% Synthetic Gear Oil, we can provide you with any Redline Performance Gear Oil product available in NZ for your Manual Transmission, Differential, Fuel System & Cooling System.


Red Line GL4, GL5, Shockproof, Fuel System / Injector Cleaner, Water Wetter Cooling Fluid..... all available @ NZ's Best Prices!!


                                                                                                CLICK HERE to see the Range and Prices

Engine Mounts - Kelpro OE Quality Mounts

Engine Mounts NZ - Kelpro OE Quailty Engine Mounts + CV Boot Kits
Engine Mounts NZ - Kelpro OE Quailty Mounts

Engine Mounts - OE Quality Kelpro Rubber Engine Mounts


Kelpro manufacturer  High Quality Engine Mounts to suit a varied range of vehicles, this range includes Audi, Bmw, Chrysler, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Ford, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Landrover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Range Rover, Saab, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, VW Volkswagen & Volvo and with over 5000 Individual Vehicle applications we're sure we can help you.


CLICK HERE to see the latest Kelpro Engine Mount Catalogue



GFB Electronic Boost Controller  

GFB G-Force 2 Electronic Boost Controller - Street - Strip - Track
GFB G-Force 2 Electronic Boost Controller - Street - Strip - Track

GFB G Force 2 Boost Controller 


The GFB G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller has taken everything that was great about the original, and made it better! There are new features, existing ones have been improved, and most importantly, it’s even easier to use!




If you haven't experienced the original GFB G-Force, all you need to know is the GFB G Force 2 EBC is the best

value for money electronic boost controller out there. It’s not just for street use, even hard-core

racers will find the revisions we’ve made ensure the GFB G-Force2 can do what you need it to do!




  CLICK HERE for Full Specs and Pricing


EXEDY Clutches & Lightened Flywheel Specials

Exedy Lightened Flywheels NZ
Exedy Lightened Flywheels NZ

From street cars to race cars to 4WDs, EXEDY has the right performance clutch for you.

Exedy are the world's leading manufacturer of OEM replacement clutches and Exedy's reputation for providing superior products & technology at the right price and this is what drives their business here in NZ and worldwide and we at PRO Wholesale are proud to be part of the Exedy NZ network.


The Exedy lightweight racing flywheel is made from one solid piece of chromoly steel forgings for incredible strength at high RPM.  Each Exedy flywheel is designed to reduce weight and inertia to reduce rotational mass and improve engine response.



CLICK HERE to see the Range of Exedy Clutches & Flywheels on Special




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Here's an opportunity to watch yourself race and then let your friends judge you're driving afterwards over a few cold one's AND use the PROMO DISCOUNT Code "prowholesale" and you'll SAVE a MASSIVE 25%.... THIS IS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! 


Drive YOUR CAR around a real motorsport circuit as fast as you like ... all day long


But the Track Day is only half the experience … Once you’ve done a few laps, we turn on the cameras!


You’ll get footage from 7 different camera angles

We put 3 cameras in your car to film the view out front, out the rear view, and of the driver.

We also have cameras located at 4 points around the circuit capturing you screaming around the corners and foot flat flying down the straights.


But it’s much more than just video footage …

The last thing you want to do when you’re driving around the circuit is look at your speedo.

So using GPS technology and the latest Motorsport editing software, we add your speeds and lap data to your video footage.


The footage is produced into an awesome DVD

Your footage is supplied to you on DVD, couriered nationwide about 7 days after the event.

The DVD has one full session video plus your ‘Best Lap’ as a separate video that includes cut-aways to the footage of you taken from track side.

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GFB NZ - GFB Performance Parts NZ
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Performance Parts NZ - Strut Braces, Sway Bars, Chassis Braces
Competition Clutches NZ - Race, Street, Track
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VHT Spray Paint - NZ Authorised Dealer
VHT Spray Paint - NZ's #1 Choice in Automotive Spray Paint
Red Line Gear Oil NZ - MT85 - MT90 - 75W90, Shockproof, Water Wetter, V-Twin....
Red Line Gear Oil NZ - MT85 - MT90 - 75W90, Shockproof, Water Wetter, V-Twin....
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Silicone Hoses - USA Quality Silicone Hose
Silicone Hoses - USA Quality Silicone Hose
Walbro Fuel Pumps NZ - 500hp - GSS341, 342, 340, 400lph....
Walbro Fuel Pumps NZ - 500hp - GSS341, 342, 340, 400lph....
CTEK Battery Charger NZ Dealer
CTEK Battery Charger NZ Dealer
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NGK Spark Plugs NZ - Japanese Quality
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LED Shift Light - Ecliptech Shift-I NZ
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Performance Car Parts Tauranga NZ
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Bosch 044 700hp Fuel Pumps - Performance Parts
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